Welcome! So glad you're here. 

At the Positive Thread, our mission is to empower women to heal their bodies and achieve their peak potential through nutrition and mindset coaching. 

As a Registered Nurse for 5+ years, I saw people die and suffer from chronic conditions. We attempted to resuscitate men and women having massive heart attacks and strokes. People died right in front of me. 

My frustration at not being able to help people led me to pursue my passion for preventative health care through nutrition and lifestyle changes. I discovered as a nurse that there are very few chronic health conditions that medicine actually cures. Western medicine is great for saving lives in traumatic situations, but not so great at healing and preventing chronic disease. 

Most health issues are a result of poor diet, insufficient movement and chronic stress. 

Our passion is to help women (YOU!) live the healthiest, happiest life possible through balanced, delicious nutrition, exercise & movement you love, and recovery and recuperation that supports your mind, emotions, spirit and nervous system.

When you are your healthiest, happiest self, you are empowered to make the impact you want to make in the world and fulfill your human potential. 


















I love:

  • sparkling water

  • my kitty cats

  • traveling to tropical islands

  • naps

  • cooking

  • thrift shopping and dancing

Favorite Food: Avocado Egg Toast 

Favorite Drink: Kombucha 

Favorite Workout: Weightlifting, yoga and dance 

Dream Vacation: Santorini and Mykonos