Science backed nutrition + my passion for helping others live the lives of their dreams + my love of all things beautiful = The Positive Thread.

My passion is to help people (YOU!) live the healthiest, happiest life possible through balanced, delicious nutrition, exercise & movement you love, and recovery and recuperation that supports your mind, emotions, spirit and nervous system.

When you are your healthiest, happiest self, you are empowered to make the impact you want to make in the world and fulfill your human potential. 

Unhappy with my weight gain and lack of fitness two years ago, I started on a journey leading me to CrossFit and and I haven't looked back. 

Food has been a passion of mine since grade-school. I won my first county fair pie-baking contest in 7th grade for my apple pie. Spending summer afternoons at the counter with my mom while she made strawberry jam from berries we had just picked is bright in my memory.

Fast-forward to living in LA and NYC for eight years, I became a total foodie but I rarely ate healthy. Even when I cooked at home, a typical lunch for me was grilled cheese.

Now my focus is on eating whole natural foods as much as possible for health, happiness, vitality & aesthetics. I practice holistic wellness and am committed to achieving my full potential as a human being. 

Are you?

Tell me how I can help you reach your goal - and we WILL get you there.