Collard Green Chicken Wrap

Collard Green Chicken Wrap

Have you ever tried a collard green wrap? They are one of my favorite ways to have a lower-carb lunch or dinner, which is perfect for a Low Day. They meal prep well, are quick to assemble and deliciously crunchy (and healthy). Plus it's a way to get in 1 of your 2 servings of leafy green veggies a day!


  • 2 collard green leafs, washed, dried, with stem cut out
  • Protein filling - cooked chicken, shrimp, tofu
  • Flavor filling - bacon, apple slices, croutons, veggies - anything you desire!
  • Fat filling - guacamole, avocado, Primal Kitchens dressing, mustard
  • Coconut oil spray


Start by de-stemming your collard greens. Slice along both sides of thick stem and remove. See below.


Set collard greens aside and prepare your fillings - grill chicken, tofu or shrimp and let rest for 5 minutes. Chop into pieces.

Chop extra veggies, apple slices or fry up bacon.

Heat a large pan over medium heat and spray with a touch of oil. Add collard green and let heat for 20-30 seconds per side until softened and darker green color. Remove to assembly board.

After heating two collard greens, lay them over each other so gap is covered (ends to ends.)

Now place fillings inside. Fold up ends and then roll like a burrito.

Place seam side down and slice in half. You can put a toothpick into each to hold it, but it should stay in place if packed tightly to store.

You can reheat these prior to eating or each cold.

Experiment and find your favorite combo!


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