Favorite Healthy Options at Trader Joe's

Favorite Healthy Options at Trader Joe's


Let's be real. Most of the food at Trader Joe's is not good for you. That frozen aisle is laden with high fat, high carb, high sodium, full of sugar junk - pizzas, ice creams, frozen goods - not exactly what I want my clients eating.


But you can find some great deals at TJ's that are delicious, healthy and affordable.


Frozen Rice - I love their jasmine and brown rice for quick meal prep. Store it in the freezer and always have healthy carbs on hand.







Cottage cheese - a great source of protein - pick the lowfat version for a macro friendly snack.

Ghee - I love the flavor of the clarified butter. Mix up your fat sources with this addition to your pantry.

Tomato Sauce - a simple, basic tomato sauce with no added sugars - perfect for pasta or making a cauliflower crust pizza.







Brussels sprouts - OMG. Just realized it's brusselS sprouts, not brussel sprouts. Tell me I'm not the only one!

Love these shaved sprouts for quick meal prep

Spanish cheese tapas sampler - this cheese sampler is one of my favorites, let the cheeses come to room temperature and the flavors will come alive. Perfect for a Low Day. (Or a party.)

Pomegranate seeds - ready to use - add to oatmeal, yogurt, protein pancakes, or make a bowl with fresh berries, fresh kiwi slices and a sprinkle of these for a delicious carb bowl.





All the fixins' for delicious avo toast

Ezekiel bread - always a go-to for me

Everything But the Bagel Seasoning - this literally tastes how it sounds and it's one of my favorites to add to avo toast or eggs. Gives you that bagel flavor without 60g of carbs.

Eggs & avocado - basic and necessary









Red split lentils - packed with carbohydrates and protein, affordable and easy to prep

Sun dried tomatoes - a delicious addition to avocado toast, eggs, pasta, veggies and savory bowls








Instant coffee - Don't judge me but I kinda really like this instant coffee.

Half 'n half - a lil goes a long way!

Pure bourbon vanilla extract - Smooth and sweet, I love this vanilla for baked goods and no-bake snack balls.







Salsa verde - yummy on eggs or on enchiladas

Salsa authentica - this is so simple but delicious on eggs, on burrito bowls, or with the occasional chips

Wrights of Texas - my favorite salsa brand, made locally outside of Houston, is carried in the Austin Trader Joe's - other people can order online at their website


Snacks on snacks....

Epic Bar Chicken Sriracha - my all-time favorite, this is also delish cut into pieces and thrown in an egg or egg white scramble!

Fruit bars - no added sugars, just fruit, perfect for an all-carb sweet treat

Rx Bars - fats and carbs, great for a low day

Icelandic non-fat yogurt - if it's from Iceland, it has to be good, no sugar and high in protein

Iced Matcha Tea - no added sugars, perfect over ice for a mellow afternoon pick me up


Ground turkey breast - great for quick dinners packed with protein

Spinach - I love the resealable bags of fresh spinach, they keep well in the fridge









Rice cauliflower - so easy to throw together dishes like chicken fried "rice" (perfect for a low day)







Freeze-dried fruit - a great quick carb, especially for athletes fueling for a workout - these bags of fruit have no added sugars and provide a high crunch factor

Organic sliced apples - for some reason I much prefer apple slices to eating a whole apple - easy to dip into peanut butter or nonfat yogurt


Argentinian red shrimp - I keep frozen shrimp in my freezer for super-fast dinners, especially great for shrimp tacos

Chile lime seasoning - I love this on shrimp or chicken. Yummmmm.









Dried baby bananas - no added sugar, but oh so sweet and delicious, I would take these to a movie theater with some popcorn if I wanted to have my own par-tay...oh and a sparkling water

Freeze-dried banana slices - but sometimes I want crunch and these banana slices are so fun to eat

What goes with banana? Peanut butter, duh.

Two good options, both without added sugar or oils:

Crunchy salted peanut butter with flax and chia seeds

Creamy unsalted peanut butter

Cauliflower Chicken Fried Rice

Cauliflower Chicken Fried Rice

Chile Lime Shrimp Tacos

Chile Lime Shrimp Tacos