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Ignition: Unlock the 2 Keys to Transforming Your Body & Health for Life

Are you confused what and how much to eat?

Would you like to get started understanding the world of “macros?” (You might be wondering what this magical, mysterious world of macros even is!)

This course includes 2 hour of online learning, 10 meal plans AND a set of personalized macros to IGNITE your weight loss and health journey!

Price: $97


How to Bust Through a Weight Loss Plateau in 30 Days

Are you frustrated by stubborn weight loss? Do you have 5-10lbs to lose and need simple strategies to bust through these last few pounds?

Heather’s been exactly where you are, frustrated by those last few pounds. She cracked the code to free herself of stubborn fat and know she’s sharing secrets with you.

Join her for a fun, hour-long discovery session in this online course with an accompanying worksheet to guide through this interactive journey to freedom!

Price: $45


How to Shake the Emotional Eating Monkey off Your Back!

Sick and tired of another weekend spent binge eating an entire Domino’s pizza, a pint of ice cream and half a bottle of wine?

Heather gets it. She’s been exactly where you’ve been, struggling to cope with negative emotions, turning to the easiest of coping mechanisms: food & drink.

Join Heather as she shares her story and empowers you with the knowledge, tools & compassion you need to start freeing yourself from the emotional eating monkey (and it’s not a cute monkey! It’s an annoying, bothersome one isn’t it?!)