The positive shred nutrition coaching



  • ready to lose weight for the first time (have at least 10lbs to lose)

  • tried other programs with poor results or relapse

  • wants to stop yo-yo dieting & learn a sustainable system for life

  • women ages 20s-40s


  • looking to improve performance, gain muscle, reduce bodyfat, recover faster

  • new CrossFitters trying to lose weight & build fitness

  • athletes who have tried other programs and plateaued or failed to get results

diabetics or pre-diabetics

  • need to lower Hemoglobin A1C

  • want to reduce or stop diabetes medications (metformin)

  • doctor instructed patient to lose weight to improve diabetes

PCOS & hormonal health 

  • struggling with PCOS

  • irregular periods, cysts and fertility issues

  • instructed by doctor to lose weight to improve condition

  • wants to follow a holistic approach instead of using medication


  • obese pregnancy with target weight gain from OB/GYN

  • healthy weight pregnancy with proper nutrition for mom and baby

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