How a Mom of Two Young Kids Lost 26lbs in 14 Weeks

How a Mom of Two Young Kids Lost 26lbs in 14 Weeks


Today I'm sharing our client Kristin's results and they are amazing.

Kristin recently had her second baby and contacted me because she wanted to lose weight, fit into clothes again, feel confident and be healthier all around. With a toddler and a newborn baby, she had her hands FULL!

When she and I first chatted she told me she'd never done something like this and had never invested in herself before but she was ready for something different: RESULTS!

She wanted to learn how to eat healthy without being starving. CHECK.

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She wanted a lifestyle change. CHECK.

She wanted to tone up and feel better. CHECK.

She also wanted to be a good role model to her daughter. 

We focused on her weekly weigh-ins (with daughter watching) as a point for celebration every week no matter the number on the scale to model non-attachment to the scale.

I coached her to cook the birthday cake for her hubby and enjoy a piece but then wrap up the extra pieces and deliver to her neighbors (with daughter watching) as an act of generosity and kindness to others saving herself from the temptation of bingeing (this is called Rigging the Game in Your Favor).

Some things Kristin was willing to give up to get her best results:
- sugar
- excuses 
- the candy jar 
- late night snacking 
- being sedentary at work

Some things Kristin added to get results:
- vegetables
- meal prep
- workouts 4x a week with rock-solid consistency
- hitting her custom-tailored macros for her breast-feeding body like a boss 
- being prepared for life

Kristin works full time, has a newborn baby and another young child, and she learned to prioritize herself for her family's well-being.

She lost 26lbs, lost 6 inches off her waist and 5 inches off her hips in 14 weeks.

But her biggest accomplishment? In her words, "My new relationship with food and the impact this has had on my family, specifically my daughter. I didn't want her to grow up thinking dessert is bad or bingeing behind closed doors like I have done for years."

Now THAT is worth celebrating.

KRISTIN - Congratulations on all your work. You crushed your goals

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