How Natalie Lost 40lbs in 14 Weeks

How Natalie Lost 40lbs in 14 Weeks

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Who needs some INSPIRATION???


Our client Natalie’s story is super-inspiring so GET READY.

Natalie came to us in late January 2019 ready to make a change but it was scary for her to take the leap with us, but she dove off and swam to the deep end. 😎

She has two small children and a partner she wanted to be strong and active for. She also wanted to feed her family healthier food.

She is a great example of going further than you thought possible. She set goals, then slayed them like bish BYE.

When Natalie started working with us, her goal was to lose 30lbs and in 14 weeks she lost 40lbs!

She lost almost 8 inches on her waist and 5 inches off her hips.

How did she do it?

She transformed her MINDSET around food. She learned to eat for fuel and not for habits or emotion.

She learned the power of WALKING. She hit her step goal or surpassed it everyday like a boss. (Like, whoa, walking can create this kind of transformation? YES, yes it can honey.)

She learned that NUTRITION was more important than endless time at the gym for achieving her goals. (HALLEJUAH)

She learned that she needed to eat less cheese and more protein and vegetables!

(And she learned some amazing healthy cheese swaps like our tribe's obsession - The Honest Stand vegan cheese!)

Her partner who was already lean lost about 8lbs during the program as a side effect of her journey to health! BOOM. Now her kids are eating veggies! FAMILY HEALTHIER, CHECK.

That's what happens when YOU get healthy, you influence positive change in your family because women are most often the change agents in their families.

Natalie learned not to quit, to face her challenges and come out the other side stronger. As she said “This program only MADE ME STRONGER in the face of adversity.”

Want to hear Natalie’s story in her own words? Listen to our interview with her here!


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