From Pregnant to Post-Partum: Lindsey's Story

From Pregnant to Post-Partum: Lindsey's Story

Lindsey reached out to us when she was in the second trimester of her second pregnancy. Already a mom to an adorable, toddler firecracker named Iris (Heather and Iris are best buds thanks to Facebook Live and Instagram even though they live in Iowa!), Lindsey wanted to have her healthiest pregnancy possible and set herself up to get back in shape post-pregnancy.

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During her final trimester of pregnancy, we increased her calories and focused on her eating high-quality foods to fulfill her macronutrient requirements. We are happy to share that her second baby was delivered healthy and strong while Lindsey only gained 6lbs in her final trimester of pregnancy.

The health of mom and baby is always the first priority during pregnancy but a lot of women don’t realize they don’t need to gain 30+ lbs to have a healthy pregnancy. In fact, excess weight can cause metabolic issues for your new child down the road.

The female body will prioritize the growth of fetal tissue which is why an obese mother doesn’t need to gain any weight during pregnancy and a slightly overweight woman doesn’t need to gain much if any weight.

How did we do this?

We didn’t restrict calories - we increased them to accommodate her busy work life as an Emergency Room night shift nurse, her workouts, and of course her growing baby but she learned she didn’t need to eat Taco Bell and ice cream every night either.

After birth, Lindsey took about 4 weeks off to recover and once she was cleared by her doctor for workouts, we slowly got her moving again while managing her nutrition for all her goals - supplying her baby with a steady stream of breast milk, fueling her workouts and empowering her to lose the excess baby weight.

A lot people think those goals are opposing, but they aren’t at all. In fact fueling your body to supply breast milk AND lose weight go hand-in-hand.

Within 5 months, Lindsey has shed 20lbs of post-baby weight and is feeling stronger than ever. Lindsey is successful because she is extremely coachable, unreasonable (hello, 330am workouts some days!) and consistent. She is positive and chooses to believe in herself!

Lindsey is now focused on building strength and cardiovascular fitness while strengthening her abdominal muscles. Her baby is now eating pureed foods! Life is good.

As Lindsey says, “If you are tired of feeling mediocre about your body and health, I cannot recommend Heather enough.”

Check out Lindsey’s photos below! These photos are 5 months part, on the left is 1 month after she gave birth and on the right is 6 months post-birth. Click on the photos to see her full transformation!

Congratulations Lindsey on prioritizing the health of you and your family! We love you!

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