Here’s what our clients are saying…

I feel fit & confident in my own skin for the first time in my adult life. - Sarie

I've learned to love what I eat, and most of all, be happy about food. - Lahari

I now have healthy habits and mindset to move me forward in my goals. - Christen 

She teaches you how to eat and maintain in a realistic manner - not just a quick fix. - Yola 

A deep dive into the WHY behind all your food decisions and change the way you view food, health and exercise. - Andrea 

I learned how to really fuel my body with foods I loved and did not feel deprived. - Morgen 

It was an amazing experience and I am thankful I found The Positive Thread. It changed my life. I highly recommend it. - Jillian L.

Heather will make you believe in yourself and be your biggest cheerleader ever!!! - Kimberly 

Provides the appropriate guidance, an awesome support system, spectacular tools for you to learn about the ‘why’ behind the program, and best of all, it’s something that is easy to maintain! - Sara 

Super positive, knowledgeable and supportive. - Kaysie 

Heather helped me lose 30 pounds and basically gave me a masters degree in nutrition. - Brittany W.

If you're one of those people who has tried just about every different diet plan known to man... but nothing seems to work or feels "right" then you need to work with Heather. - Brittany T. 

Heather helped me lose 15 pounds, feel great, and fit into sizes I didn't even approach in HIGH SCHOOL. - Isabel 

She’s so knowledgeable and I’ve been able to transform both mentally (mindset) and physically. - Deveri

Not only was I able to transform my body with her amazing program, but I also developed significant changes in my mindset that have transformed many other aspects of my life. - Michelle 

Her program is easy to follow and has all the support you could ever want. - Sarah V.

The real treasure of The Positive Thread is the knowledge and enthusiasm for nutrition that Heather shares. - Sarah D.

Inspirational, insightful and radiates positive energy! - Ashlee V.

The Positive Thread is the last nutrition and wellness program you will ever need. - Shalagh 

If you are tired of feeling mediocre about your body and health, like I was, I cannot recommend Heather enough. She will transform your life. - Lindsey 

I'm experiencing positive and permanent changes in lifestyle and mindset. - Brittany F.

Heather created a journey for me that has been unlike anything I have been part of. - Kelly W.

She provides you with: education through online modules that are self paced, different types of exercises, is available very often for any support and also provides support on how to listen to your body, mental awareness and overall true self care. - Jessica Y.

I feel like I’m operating at my highest level with personal and business life. This was the best gift I could give myself. - Sam S.

Her ability to get to the core of what’s standing between you and the life you’ve dreamed of is miraculous. - Jennifer 

The Positive Thread has given me the strategies, community, and mindset to transform my life - for life! - Danielle

Heather has helped me lose over 21 pounds and counting when no other nutritionist or diet was able to help me with my weight loss and body comp goals. - Kerry 

The Positive Thread creates a sustainable lifestyle change while revamping your ENTIRE mindset, all while cultivating community. - Jennifer B.

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Accountability, Sustainability & Success for Sarie

Accountability, Sustainability & Success for Sarie

How Jillian Got Her Fitness Sparkle Back

How Jillian Got Her Fitness Sparkle Back