My journey from no energy, hating how I looked in clothes and poor digestion and sleep to....

My journey from no energy, hating how I looked in clothes and poor digestion and sleep to....

feeling amazing in a bikini, waking up energized, and feeling and looking my best at age 37!

feeling amazing in a bikini, waking up energized, and feeling and looking my best at age 37!

As a Registered Dietitian, I highly recommend The Positive Thread to my clients who are looking to transform their health. Heather’s nutrition program is easy to follow, effective and fun! It truly can work for everyone.
— Karin G., Registered Dietitian, CrossFit Level 1 Coach


"When I started working with Heather my primary goal was to shed body fat. I have lost close to 20lbs without feeling starved. Mentally this experience has been so transformative. Seeing so much forward progress in such a relatively short amount of time has been so uplifting. I feel so much better in my own skin. Plus I get to go shopping for new clothes as half my closet is now too large! 

After years of struggling with overly complicated templates and formulas it was refreshing to work with a nutritionist that offered clear insights into my personal habits. Heather practices healthy mental relationships with food that are often overlooked but also incredibly important! Often playing therapist and life coach as much as nutrition coach, Heather celebrated all the highs and lows of my journey with me and really showed a personal investment in my outcome.

The Positive Thread is the perfect balance of a holistic approach coupled with science-based nutrition." - Rachael C.


"The Positive Thread has the dietary cheat codes for your fitness and wellness. 

Sweets, fried, and boxed foods were not part of my routine. For me, I was eating well enough (so I thought). With Heather's specific programming and consistency I now properly fuel my workouts.  Performance benefits occurred within a few days, and I went on to lose 20 lbs in 2 months.  I'm on the "Shred" programming, eating *more* in an average day than before I started.

For anything in the program that might at first seem daunting, Heather will assist with amazing tips, and in good humor. And your results will follow. Enjoy your journey!" - Mike O.


"In September, a previous client of Heather's from my CrossFit box posted her own transformation pics and glowing comments after working with Heather.  The post resonated with me and I reached out and contacted Heather.  We met for a consultation, and she is fantastic, to say the least.  I'm a type 2, non-insulin dependent, diabetic and I was very impressed with Heather's knowledge of nutrition and biochemistry from the beginning, which was HUGE for me in trusting her with my metabolic condition and goals in this program.  Heather has a great positive, funny demeanor, she listens well, and she gets to know your quirks and about your life.  I have periods of heavy nationwide travel in my job and Heather taught me how to successfully manage my nutrition with the constant travel and eating out.  The knowledge and strategies that Heather transmitted to me in this program was transformative and filled a gap while changing how I think about nutrition, the food industry, cooking, and behavioral psychology.  Through her wonderful coaching and the amazing "Positive Shred Tribe" community, I lost ten pounds and have kept it off to this day.  The best news is that after three months in Heather's program, I dropped an ENTIRE percentage point in my hemoglobin A1C (Ha1c) numbers where my doctor was overwhelmingly excited and proud of my progress.  After working with Heather, I have more energy, I perform much better in CrossFit, I sleep better, I have a healthier relationship with food, I am more kind towards myself, and I have learned to integrate mindfulness as another healthy tool to help me stay balanced.  She has my highest recommendation as a nutritionist and coach." - Mario V.