LEARN & TRAIN online with us!

This is an image of a cute board with the phrase “Vegetables has 9 letters but so does tacos” and it has a tray of 3 tacos below it.


Unlock the 2 Keys to Transforming Your Body & Health for Life

Do you find yourself asking the all-important question, “Is butter a carb?”

Don’t despair if you’re as confused about nutrition as Regina George!

This course includes 2 hour of online learning, 10 meal plans AND a set of personalized macros to teach you the fundamentals of nutrition and give you the game plan to get you tracking and eating for results!

Trust me, soon, you’ll be teaching Regina about macros.

Price: $97

This is a picture of berries including strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with the phrase “Berry Good News!” on it.


12 Week Gym Program


Do you have no idea what to do in the gym but want to lift weights and get stronger and sleeker?

Is the idea of spending $65+ an hour on a personal trainer a real bummer? Wouldn't it be great if you had a personal trainer in your pocket?

Are you ready to stop waiting for results and start working for the body and mind you desire?

Then, GIRL, you need GYM CLASS!

Price: $297